A holistic way to improving your energetic health

and spiritual well being.

Energetic & Spiritual Well Being

All Moonbeam Shaman services involve spiritual and energetic healing. They include one-on-one energy healing sessions, meditation, group energy healings, class instruction, spiritual counseling, past life regression, energy healing certification and psychic surgery. These holistic services focus on healing energy imbalances and spiritual blockages.

If you are looking for stress reduction, energy healing is one of the fastest ways to relax and destress, in fact many people fall asleep while receiving an energy healing session. As stress is now linked to most major medical conditions, aren't you ready to reduce your stress and start allowing your body to rest and relax?


Reiki is becoming mainstream, but there are many, many other energy modalities out there and I am trained in more than 30 of them.  See what energy healing can do for you by scheduling a one-on-one appointment today!


Can't afford the cost of a Reiki session?  I offer sliding scale payments so anyone can book a session. I firmly believe that everyone should have access to services they need and I stand by that belief by putting a sliding scale on all of my one-on-one services. I believe in affordability for all!

Looking for spiritual development?  I offer extremely low cost spiritual retreats, ascension study groups and classes so that anyone can afford to work on their spiritual progress.

Tried everything else and nothing is helping?  Perhaps it's time you consider psychic surgery, implant/entity removal or Chios energy healing.  All of these services can allow you to spiritually and energetically heal when nothing else has worked.

Interested in seeing what services can help you? Contact me to book an appointment.

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