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Energy Work

Energy work promotes relaxation and balance which is pivotal in today’s fast-paced society. Unlike acupuncture or massage, energy work does not require the the use of needles or manipulation. It can be performed with the client in a supine or seated position accommodating what makes them feel most comfortable. There are many different energy modalities used around the globe.

Energy work is used to treat a variety of energy blockages associated with stress, dis-ease and impaired body functionality. Practitioners utilize a variety of hand positions and techniques to unblock chakras and restore energy flow within the body. By balancing the energetic pathways of the human body, energy work modalities reduce stress while harmonizing the mind, body and soul.

Stress can trigger a negative sympathetic response in the autonomic system. Continual exposure can wreak havoc on the human body. Energy work can help, allowing you to be your best you. While energy work results cannot be guaranteed, its stress reduction effects create conditions for the body to return to proper homeostasis.

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