Reverend Jodie aka Moonbeam

Reverend Jodie is an Order of Melkizedek Priestess having recommitted to the order in September 2018 of this lifetime. A pivotal part of her mission is to assist others in their spiritual development through energetic and spiritual counseling. Spiritual development requires a commitment from each individual and Reverend Jodie offers a variety of options from personal one-on-one sessions to spiritual circles and retreats.

Her teaching mission extends further as she brings a variety of lesser known energy healing modalities into the classroom.  As a multiple modality energy worker, she is always aware of the impact each modality brings to different situations and blockages. Reverend Jodie believes that the more energy healers trained in a variety of modalities, the better practitioners are able to assist those coming to them.

Drawing on her deep connections to Atlantis, Lemuria & Ancient Egypt, Reverend Jodie works with a variety of similarly connected tools such as Andara crystals, Pleiadean Cosmic Healing Discs and the Synergy 5™ crystal sets. She is committed to pulling forward the knowledge and healing of those times to better assist humanity and planet Earth for the approaching ascension window.

Weaving together energies from the distant past and new incoming energies allows Reverend Jodie to fulfill her promise of helping humanity develop into the spiritual masters they are meant to be. She believes that every soul currently incarnated on Earth is an Ascended Master but they simply forgot. Part of her mission is to help take down the veils of illusion allowing each soul to know who they truly are. She believes that the greatest lie mankind ever told themselves is that they were merely human.

She builds on her training and certifications regularly believing that when all vibrational healing bands are put together you get Source energy. Working with her guides, a variety of energy healing modalities, guided energy healing meditations, past life regression, sound healing and crystals, Reverend Jodie is able to provide options for personal energetic healing and spiritual growth.

Working with divine guidance from Source, Reverend Jodie guides clients through a variety of challenges if they are willing to put the effort into healing themselves.
If you are seeking a partner in your self-healing and spiritual development, please reach out to her for assistance.

Reverend Jodie is committed to assisting in the energetic and spiritual healing of those suffering from cancer and is a provider for the Unite For Her cancer network. Unite for Her provides holistic services to patients receiving breast cancer treatment at participating hospitals and cancer centers in the greater Philadelphia region. If you are receiving treatment at a non-network location, please contact Reverend Jodie to discuss an alternative.

While Usui Reiki is probably the best known energy work modality, there are many other options available.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What does energy work feel like?

A: It can feel warm, cool, tingly, like movement or like nothing at all. Not everyone can feel energy sessions. Regardless of if you feel it or not, it's working.

Q: What is an energy session like?

A: Clients can either be treated in a seated or supine position. After a brief discussion with me, they lay back, close their eyes and relax.

Q: Does energy work have any side effects?

A: Energy work does not have any harmful side effects. It can never harm and it always does exactly what it is supposed to do to benefit the client. Beneficial side effects include stress reduction which can lead to better sleep, happiness and relaxation.

Q: Which modality is best for me?

A: Please call me and we can discuss options.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.