Spiritual Retreats

Registration Required For All Events.

Retreat Location is in Upper Bucks County. Lodging & Food are not included.

The retreat center offers lodging options as low as $7 per night

making this one of the most affordable retreats ever!

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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Session#1: Chakra Clearing, Grounding & Connecting (10 am - 12 pm)
This is the opening ceremony of the retreat. We will begin with a chakra clearing meditation that will ground and connect us so that we are ready for the remainder of the spiritual retreat. Discussion on spiritual topics, spiritual prayer/mantra meditations as directed by Source will round out the remainder of this session. $10-20 per person sliding scale.

Session #2: Working With The Dragons (2 pm - 4 pm)
Work with the dragons who are energetic forces of change for us spiritually. Kwan Yin’s Pink Dragons will help us dissolve non-serving etheric cords and allow us to open up our heart chakra to unconditional love.  The Golden Christed Dragons will bring in source love and expand our heart chakra. The Blue Dragons from the Pleiades will allow us to receive a heart healing from source.  Dragons we work with will be subject to change as directed by Source. $10-20 per person sliding scale.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Session #1 Past Life Workshop Part 1 & Halls of Amenti Meditation (10 am - 12 pm)
This is part 1 of the past life workshop in which we will discuss how past lives impact our current life.  We will begin investigating clues from this life that can help us determine past life information.  We will round out the session by visiting the Halls of Amenti in meditation where each of us will be able to enter our own personal room. In this room we find items and energies from our past lives that we have left for ourselves.  The meditation is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your past incarnations and receive the wisdom and support you left for yourself. $10-20 per person sliding scale.

Session #2: Past Life Workshop Part 2 & Group Past Life Regression (2 pm - 4 pm)
Part 2 is a continuation into the clues our current life holds regarding our past lives. We will then discuss past life regression, what it is, what it isn’t and what we can expect from a regression.  We will conclude the session with a mini group past life regression where we will have the opportunity to visit some of our past lives. $10-20 per person sliding scale.

Monday, May 27, 2019

Session #1: Ascended Masters Meditation (10 am - 12 pm)
We will discuss Ascended Masters Kwan Yin, Ganesh and Sanat Kumara and how they can assist us on our spiritual path.  The session will include meditations with these Ascended Masters for energetic healing and guidance. Ascended Masters we connect with are subject to change as directed by Source. $10-20 per person sliding scale.

Session #2: Ascended Masters Meditation (2 pm - 4 pm)
This Violet Flame transmutation meditation is with Kwan Yin, Lady Portia, Saint Germain and the Gold & Silver Flame Dragons. The Violet Flame is a spiritual transmutation of all lower vibrations allowing you to progress on your spiritual journey.  Ascended Masters and Dragons we connect with are subject to change as directed by Source. $10-20 per person sliding scale.

The Fall Retreat is From August 31st to September 2, 2019.


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