Holistic Healing Meetup Group

Are you interested in holistic healing and metaphysical learning? Moonbeam has created a meetup group that you can join for free!

Courses will be posted as well as special offers and opportunities. What sort of offers and opportunities?

When Moonbeam is newly certified in an energy modality, she will post a limited number of free sessions to the meetup group. This means members will be able to signup for free energy sessions in return for feedback and testimonials!

Want to learn more about crystals but don't know where to start? Moonbeam will be posting beginner's courses.

What about group energy work sessions? Attendees sit and listen to meditation CDs while Moonbeam projects energy healing to the group. It's not the same as an individual session but it allows you to relax and experience energy healing.

Events will take place in Bucks & Montgomery County, PA.

Interested in attending an event or learn more? Sign up for the meetup today!


Questions? Please contact Moonbeam directly at 267-354-4530.

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