Bio-G: Simple Bio-Feedback Energy Healing

Stress-related illnesses are on the rise across the United States, but why is this important? It’s been shown to worsen or increase the risk of obesity, heart disease, headaches, diabetes, depression, anxiety/panic attacks, asthma and gastrointestinal problems. The ramifications are frightening! But what can you do? While stress reducing modalities like Sekhem Seichim and Reiki can help, people subjected to daily stress and panic attacks cannot typically afford to get treated on a daily basis. This is were I believe Bio-G is a good solution. Bio-G works by rapidly transmitting a warming and relaxing energy throughout the body. It’s goal is to reduce the body’s response to stress in order to return the body to a state of calm. It’s sole purpose is to calm and relax. After my attunement, I self-treated for weeks. When the muscles across my shoulders became tense and it started to creep up the back of my neck, I gave Bio-G a try and it worked. After the weeks of self-treatment and becoming used to the energy I decided to offer practice sessions so that I could become familiar with using the energy on clients. That response was great as well! Everyone felt noticeably calmer and more relaxed but some had profound responses! One person fell asleep almost instantly! Now that’s what I call relaxed! Another looked a little sleepy and their breathing seemed deeper and slower. While results cannot be guaranteed, I was impressed with the responses from the short practice sessions. Bio-G, like all energy healing modalities, is NOT a replacement for medical care or pharmaceutical medications. Energy healing cannot cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions. If you are experiencing a medical issue or emergency, you should seek immediate medical assistance from your primary care physician, a specialist or an emergency medical professional. What can Bio-G do for you? It can provide you with a holistic, non-intrusive way to reduce your stress level. Empowering people to actively help themselves to de-stress is important in my opinion. This is why I have decided to make Bio-G training available to those who wish to learn it. Classes will be scheduled to begin in the fall. Each training is only a couple of hours in duration and includes learning about working with energy, the Bio-G training manual, an attunement and a digital certificate. NO prior pre-requisites or experience necessary! Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to find out when the first sessions will be offered! Or send an email now to confirm & reserve your spot.

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