Chios® Energy Healing & How It’s Different

Chios® Energy Healing is a modality of energy healing that harnesses a different frequency of energy than Reiki or Sekhem Seichim. Like many other modalities, Chios® has attunements, Practitioner and Master Teacher level certifications, and it unblocks and charges chakras. That is were the similarities end. Before working on chakras, a practitioner focuses on the client’s aura. Leaks, tears and impurities are identified through various intuitive techniques. Once all areas needing attention are located, tears and leaks are sealed. Energetic impurities are then extracted from the aura and the practitioner charges the aura. Chakras are treated from the front and then from the back. Chios® also corrects energy flow within the body. Additional exclusive to Chios® techniques are also a part of a complete session. A standard session lasts one hour to one and a half hours. While everyone experiences the energy differently, many clients whom I have treated have noticed a drastic difference than with other energy modalities. As I progress into the Master Teacher level of Chios® (CCMT), I will need more practice sessions. If you are interested in participating in these sessions, please sign up for my newsletter or meetup group to stay informed of when these sessions will be offered. If you are interested in learning Chios® Energy Healing, once I receive my CCMT certification, I will be offering Chios® Level I courses, followed by the Practitioner certification. Please sign up for my newsletter or meetup group to stay informed of when these classes will be offered. Chios® Energy Healing is NOT a replacement for medical care or pharmaceutical medications. Energy healing cannot cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions. If you are experiencing a medical issue or emergency, you should seek immediate medical assistance from your primary care physician, a specialist or an emergency medical professional.

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