Moonbeam Shaman Energy Healing

Intuitively guided sessions for the treatment you need at that time.


You explain your concerns and goals and the energies you need are used to remove blockages affecting your energy body. It really is that simple!

Sessions may include the use of healing music, energetic counseling and crystals.

(Chios® Energy Healing is excluded from this service.)

50-60 minutes including consultation  $60

Chios® Energy Healing

Chios® is a comprehensive energy system utilizing aura and chakra healing techniques not shared by other healing modalitites. Chios® techniques include the use of energy, light and color. Sessions seal tears and leaks in the aura, extract negative energy from the aura and unblock/charge chakras.

50-90 minutes including consultation $90



"I have not felt this great waking up in a long time. Fantastic, great, wonderful, feel lighter. Slept thru the night. I am a believer. I owe you. Feel like something has been lifted.I am a true believer in what you are doing. You are supposed to be doing this."

- LCS (after second mini session)

"Our Office feels wonderful. It's light and easy to be in there. I can tell others feel the lightness also."

-SS (after energetic office cleansing)

Energy Modalities & Certifications

Usui Reiki

Traditional Western Usui Reiki is a no touch/pressure-free method of clearing energy blockages and recharging life force energy.


Sekhem Seichim

Sekhem Seichim is an Egyptian based energy work modality accessing a higher frequency than Usui Reiki with additional emphasis on spiritual connectivity.

Isis Seichim

Isis Seichim is an Egyptian based energy work modality developed from Sekhem Seichim. It has a greater emphasis on spiritual connectivity, mental and past life energy blockages.

Ethereal Crystals

Ethereal Crystal sessions utilize the healing frequency of crystals in ethereal form. The use of ethereal crystals means the energy can be placed directly into your chakras.  No more sitting still!

Quan Yin's Lavender Flame

The Lavender Flame is the lavender portion of the violet flame. It transmutes negative energy to light, imparts compassion and provides karmic release to those who require it. This is a powerful yet gentle energy with a strong spiritual emphasis.

Violet Flame 2022*

Transmute negative energy.

Archangel Michael 2022*

Protection, space clearing & spirit releasement.

Archangel Raphael 2022*

Healing & guidance for healers.

Archangel Metatron 2022*

Clearing negative thoughts and thoughtforms, instills peace of mind, clears areas.

Saint Germain 2022*

Protection, courage and direction. Opening up to higher guidance.

Sanat Kumara 2022*

Ridding of negative entities and lower energies, healing & space clearing.

Telos Energy Healing

Healing with the power of love. The Lemurian energy is soothing and quickly a favorite to most recipients. Healing sessions can be programmed into crystals for a one time use at your home.

Vibrational Reiki™

Vibrational Reiki™ marries sound therapy with traditional Usui Reiki by blending the healing power of tuning forks and energy work into a complementary treatment.

Imara Reiki & Green Tara Seichim

 Imara Reiki and Green Tara Seichim focus on clearing energy blockages from past lives and karmic buildup. Both modalities are for the spiritually minded and complement the spiritual aspects of yoga and Buddhism.

Dolphins of Atlantis, Isis Blue Moon Healing, Ethereal Flowers, Magickal Color Reiki, Bio-G, Phoenix Rising Reiki, Star Healing Reiki, Waterfall Healing Reiki, Letting Go Reiki, Brighid's Healing Waters Empowerment.

Chakra Flush Empowerment, Chakra Repair Empowerment, Aura Flush Empowerment, Aura Repair Empowerment, Negativity Flush Empowerment, Mental Flush Empowerment 1 & 2, Healing Flush Empowerments 1-6 and Deprogramming Self Punishment Empowerment.

*Only available in person unless prior in person sessions have been experienced.